7 things you have to check before buying expired domain

7 things you have to check before buying expired domain

When we want to build our own Private Blog Network – we want to invest our time, money and resources in the highest quality domains for the best price.

We listed the most important thing which you have to check before buying expired domain. If you don’t spend enough time on research then you will lose your money on registering wrong domain. What more important you will loose time on setting up website.

Check backlinks profile

This is the most important thing to check because we want to have as many link juice as we can get.

When you check backlinks look for :

  • High quality domains from company websites
  • no backlinks from websites with 1000’s of outgoing links,
  • no backlink from strange language Chinese domains,
  • homepage backlinks – they are best because pass most of the link juice
  • niche backlinks – sometimes you can get really nice niche related backlink for pennies
  • check nofollow/dofollow ratio


These are important thing but always you have to be realistic. You can’t find a gem with 100s of homepage high value links expired domain or you will need long months before you will learn how to find that awesome domain.


Check domain visibility

The best domains are real business domains. Even better if they were high in Google and generated traffic. That means the domain “was working fine”. That’s why you should look for a domain with visibility – the more the better.

If you will see visibility like this:


That means that domain isn’t worth much and might have google penalty.

So how should real domain visibility look like?

Check out screenshot from real expired domain. Domain which was performing well and someone forgot to renew it:


Organic keywords and traffic should look like this ( or better )

Check anchor texts

It is easy way to check at the beginning if the domain is worth your time to examine it further.

If you will see some strange URLs backlinks, Chinese letters, unaturral anchors which you think shouldn’t point to this website – that should rise yellow flag.

If you will find anchor profile like:


Or like this:



Check TF/CF ratio

TF = Trush Flow and CF = Citation Flow.

These are 2 metrics from Majestic SEO – popular tool for backlinks check.

Expired1.com TF/CF ratio

It should be close to 1 but this is not a must.

When CF is very different than TF means that backlinks might be low quality.

You can use a Advanced Search in our Expired1.com tab to filter them:

Expired1.com Advanced Filters



Anomalies in backlinks flow

Quick, unnatural and unusual peaks on backlinks graphs are always bad.

Natural website build backlinks profile continuously, slowly, for a long time period.

If you see peaks like this:

That might be a signal that something is wrong here.

You look for steady backlinks profile ( with a few dropping links which is natural ).

Check domain history

It is easy to check what was on this domain previously.

Visit http://web.archive.org/ and paste your domain there.

If you domain was first registered aound 2012 then you should see something like this:

Please note: Some people ( mostly PBNers ) block Web Archive crawlers and empty one year of history might be a signal that it was “in use” as a PBN.


Check previous owners

It is easy. The less owners the domain had the better.

Sometimes you can also find some strange owners like when person with Chinese or Arabic name owns a German domain – that is strange.

You can check expired domain owners here:    http://hosterstats.com

Please note that this tools works for: .com .net .org .biz .info .mobi .asia .ie .eu .co.uk .de and new gTLDs.

I tried to check .pl domain and it didn’t show anything. Good tool for worldwide domains check.


Check social media

We look for real domains with real owners. The best expired domain would be restaurant domain, any type company business website or hotel website. In most cases it should be visible in Social Media. That’s why check out their social shares.

Expired1.com Social Signals

If you see stats like this then it might be a good expired domain but remember – if you see exaggerated social media presence, it can be faked and crappy social media shares. People buy them because they belive they will increase their Google rankings.


If you have any more things to check out before buying domain which expired or going to expire – feel free to add them in comment section.


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