How to download WaybackMachine Internet Archive website in 3 steps

How to download WaybackMachine Internet Archive website in 3 steps

WaybackMachine is a non-profit project which captures snapshots of website since 1996.  They crawled and downloaded more than 310 billion web pages since then.

  •  279 billion web pages
  •  11 million books and texts
  •  4 million audio recordings (including 160,000 live concerts)
  •  3 million videos (including 1 million Television News programs)
  •  1 million images
  •  100,000 software programs

You can type your website and check out version of your old website which is no longer online. To get crawled you can’t block their crawler.

Many people lose their websites, want to rebuild old website or lost old PDFs and need help.

That’s why we created WabackMachine resurrect tool at To download you need account which you can buy here.

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Choose your domain.

You need to know the domain name and type it in the panel:



Choose date range

There are situations where one website might have a few layouts/scripts for 10 years. The best way is to check manually dates at


Please note: The max date range is two years to download website faster.



Click download and watch how your website is downloaded live.

The progress bar will show you where you are right now with your download. Our script has a few steps:


  1. Downloading HTML
  2. Downloading images + styles
  3. Rewriting .php files
  4. Rewriting .html files
  5. Folder name changes
  6. Creating .zip package


Once website is downloaded button will appear. Sometimes, for bigger website it can take even 15-20 minutes or more.

Please check out progress bar and do not close your browser tab.

There are few things which you have to understand when using Resurrect Website script:

  • If you website have some files missing – download website again and choose different dates,
  • If you plan to download bigger website – better download it in smaller parts,
  • Most of the websites are working in 90%. To make it fully working there might be needed some code work,
  • Downloader is still in beta and we optimize it. Contact us or comment if you found bug


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