Why your own PBN is better than public?

Why your own PBN is better than public?

I’ve seen people who sell links on their “private blog network” which should be private, but it’s not ,when you sell links out. Google will notice that many low quality posts are linking out to other websites which are not related to the blog/website category. When you build real website you want to share knowledge, news, ideas or write quality content not always linking out to other page.

In most of the cases I saw a WordPress blog with 5-50 posts and 95% of the posts contained links with anchors. Most of the sellers sell ~500 words articles with 1-2 links to their client website. All the same. Same length, same quality, not the same niche content, with 1 or even 0 images etc.

You see the pattern here? Same as Google.

You need to know why it is better to have your own REAL private blog network.


More link juice

Sellers want to sell as many paid articles or sticky links ( from homepage ) as they can.

It is business.

For you it means A LOT less link power from this domain. I even saw a blog with more than 100 paid posts. It was deindexed later – but that’s another story.

The less outgoing links from PBN the better.


More privacy

Google: People sell links in packs. 10-20-50-100 “High quality PBN links”.

From the same network. When google checks 50 blogs then they might see a patern here.

50 blogs links out to the same 45 websites. It is not normal.

Competitors: For me, personally – it is even worst and more dangerous than Google.

Google has a 100’s of billions websites to check and your competitors need to buy 1-2-5 PBN links packs to check out what people promote.

That’s how many people look for niches. They check what is popular now and they do it better, with more content and with better quality than your “high quality ultra-private blog network sold to 100 other forum members”.


Poor quality

Again – this is business.

No matter how seller advertise his network – he can’t spend 500$ on 1 domain.

50,000$ on the whole network and later sell 10 links for 25$. You need to add hosting, domain fees, content, time to search for domains, etc. and at the end there should be profit for all the work done.

You can’t get good quality links which will boost your SEPRs for 50$. If it would be that simple then everyone would be in TOP3 of Google 🙂


1 year hosting

I’ve tested a couple of PBN providers. I checked the links after 6-10-12 months later. They pay for hosting 1 year upfront to make a better deal.

More than 80%+ of the links were not there, the domains were expired, hosting wasn’t up or the website was not working.

Even when they tell you that links will be live for 1 year – who checks them after 1 year.

You always talk to yourself – c’mon it was just 50 bucks for pack of links.


Short time effects and drops

To be honest I saw once or twice a positive movement for 1 or 2 websites. When you think that you found a gold mine – the website dive even lower than it was before. Quick boost and later Google reindex all the “website points” and you go back when you started.

The difference is that you are lightest by this 50$ and a 10 kilograms of motivation. In some cases SEOs advice to clear such links when you want to start over.


100’s of proofs

When you are starting out and you don’t know much about SEO, you make mistakes. One of them is buying this “private” PBN links. When building PBN you need to take care of different things so your network won’t be revealed by Google.

You can check our most popular PBN footprints here.

From my experience the biggest and most popular PBN footprints when it comes to forum sellers are:

  • The same layout of website. Different colors, widgets but the code is the same,
  • Same domain registrars – they don’t care where they register domain. More important is how much they have to pay and they choose 0.99$ domains with the same registrar,
  • They always looks like blogs, because it is easier to add content. You know – our blog is about EVERYTHING so I can sell to everyone,
  • 500 words, 1 image + link – structure of posts are always the same,
  • Same hosting or even worst – the same IP. Nowadays this problem is a not so popular but still there are people who want to save a few bucks and put all websites on the same hosting/IP. This problem concerns the cheapest PBN links providers

Check out full PBN mistake list here: https://expired1.com/most-popular-pbn-footprints/


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